LibreOffice: Formatting tutorial – Part 02

It has been a while since the first tutorial. Lets get started with out next step.

In the previous tutorial, we added headings to appropriate section of the document. Next, we will format rest of the text, add images and automatically generate a table of contents (toc).

Applying pre-defined styles

Apply paragraph styles

Styles and formatting has many options. The focus of this article would be on first two:

  • Paragraph styles: Applies formatting to one or multiple paragraphs.
  • Character styles: The formatting can be applied to anything from a single character to multiple paragraphs. This style lacks any paragraph formatting options and used to highlight phrases within a paragraph.

formatting options

In order to apply a particular paragraph style, follow these steps:

  • Click or highlight a paragraph and then select appropriate paragraph styles.

select a paragraph

  • Apply style by double clicking it

select a style

  • Verify the final output

Formatted output

Repeat the same for rest of the document. Lists can be formatted from Formatting toolbar using shown options:

apply list styles

The formatted output should look similar to LibreOffice Tutorial – paragraph styles applied

Apply character styles

Character styles can be applied in same way as paragraph style. Select the text and double-click on the appropriate style from character style group. The default styles are:

default character style
Default character styles. Double to apply and right-click to modify default settings.

Modify existing styles

Libreoffice allows changing the default style settings and creating new styles. These styles can be nested.

  • Select any style and right click to display edit options. Form the menu, select Modify

apply list styles.png

  • Make desired changes in the dollowing dialog.
edit options
Check out more customization settings from LIbreOffice documentation.
  • Character styles can be modified in a similar manner.

For comparison

with default code style
with default styles

Both paragprah and character styles were changed. These changes are automatically reflected in the document without the need for manually applying them everywhere.

Please find the final document here for further experimenttion: LibreOffice Tutorial – modified styles

In order to gain maximum benefit, avoid formatting text directly and use nested styles.

after modified themes
with modified styles

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