LibreOffice: Formatting tutorial – Part 02

It has been a while since the first tutorial. Lets get started with out next step. In the previous tutorial, we added headings to appropriate section of the document. Next, we will format rest of the text, add images and automatically generate a table of contents (toc). Applying pre-defined styles Apply paragraph styles Styles and […]

Use reflections to find property info in c#

Default annotations and user-defined anotations can be extracted using reflections. These act like meta-data and can simplify operations such as UI. Let’s create a class and decorate it’s proeprties. Note that variables cannot be annotated. public class UserClass { [System.ComponentModel.DisplayName(“User name”)] public string Name { get; set; } [System.ComponentModel.DisplayName(“Age (in years)”)] public int Age { […]

How to update settings for Windows controls?

Changing appearance of a winforms controls require changing settings for normal, hovered, disabled and pressed. To quickly update the values: foreach(var a in new [] {control.Appearance.Normal, control.Appearance.Hovered, control.Appearance.Pressed, control.Appearance.Disabled}) {  a.BackColor = Color.White; // More options… }

LibreOffice: Formatting tutorial – Part 01

Dear LO users, We are going to learn some of the formatting tips about LO. There are many ways to format text. If you are coming from MS-Word, the formatting bar on the top be familiar to you. It works well if your documents are simple and formatting is not very important to you. Using […]